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 Herbalism Guide - links and info

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PostSubject: Herbalism Guide - links and info   Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:52 am


Here comes a little help for those levelling or considering levelling Herbalism.

Herbalism is a very useful profession to go with Alchemy and Inscription as you'll need lots of herbs to level either of them.

Profession bonuses: When your herbalism skill reaches 75 you'll gain a healing spell called Lifeblood. This spell will become increasingly more powerful as your herbalism skill goes up. All the information about Lifeblood can be found at

Levelling: Getting your herbalism skill up can be very tedious if you're not sure where to go. Here is a guide I found very helpful when levelling herbalism on my mage

If you'd like to share any more herbalism info please post it as a response below.
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Herbalism Guide - links and info
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