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 Preparing for Monday's raid (Uldur-10man)

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Preparing for Monday's raid (Uldur-10man) Empty
PostSubject: Preparing for Monday's raid (Uldur-10man)   Preparing for Monday's raid (Uldur-10man) EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 4:45 am

Hello fellow wipees!

This thread is finally where it belongs!

Anyway here's some links that should prepare us all for the first four bosses of ulduar. I'll update this if we end up doing more. Also this may not be the order we will do the boss in, that is up to coffeeh. I'll give a link to the wowwiki page of the boss so you can read the tactics and a link to a tankspot video which will allow you to see these tactics in action. Although some of the videos are from the perspective of a tank, they are invaluable to all raid members

The first boss is Flame Leviathan which has vehicle-based combat.

(Note:There wasn't a tankspot video that was relevant to us so i got this one by mattroguesmith instead. It's for the 25 man version but it's very good. In fact you should watch some of his videos as well.)
**VERY IMPORTANTT** There is two ways to start the fight, you can talk to brann bronzebeard or the lore keeper. DO NOT TALK TO THE LORE KEEPER! This will activate the hard mode which I doubt we will want to do

The second boss is razorscale a protodragon.


The third boss is XT-002 Deconstructor, a mechanical boss.


Finally, the fourth boss is Ignis the Furnace master.


Right, thats all of the information I can think of. Read/watch these a few times to familiarise with the tactics.

Since this will be the first proper raid for our guild and the first raid for some of us, expect to wipe a few times. If you could do a boss the first time perfectly then you'd probably be in Ensidia:
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Preparing for Monday's raid (Uldur-10man)
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