The Holy Sacrement

This is a Guild forum for "The Holy Sacrament" on WoW server "Hellfire"
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PostSubject: bye   Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:41 am

yhaa i just left the Guild.
This is not a QQ, just a bye.
I have been i guild for 2 month or so.
the guild was ok for me, not to many childish chit chat.
I have donated gold to guildbank, and minning mats, in a way for this lvl 40 char was around 10 % of income.
even signed on this home page - btw good job w design Very Happy

Newer understood ranking. think its prob more about fawor than time/effort in guild.
The spamming in guild chat got on my nerves. And Coki's /w to me after - calling me a idiot for leeving, is prob a sign that children rules.

Hope you get a nice progress in you up comming raids.

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PostSubject: Re: bye   Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:25 am

I'm sorry to see you go m8 and thanks a lot for the feedback.

A lot of people seem to be curious about ranking and i'll need to write up a proper post about it soon. We tried to reward effort when we saw it and like I said in the past you need to be patient as It's hard to see everyone's efforts right from the start. I also try to be as careful as possible when promoting members and I don't do it unless I'm almost 100% sure that I'm doing the right thing. Notice there aren't any people with officer ranks yet.

As for the guild chat spam I didn't notice any. It's nice having people say 'gz' and 'welcome' and I don't even think Coki's trivia addon does much harm either.

As for any childish behaviour it will be dealt with asap.

Once again thanks for your feedback, I wish everyone who leaves left a note like that Smile Good luck!

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PostSubject: Re: bye   Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:09 am

Thanks for the time in the guild m8 Smile
and thanks for the compliment for the page on web.. Razz
costed me 3 days of work but thats it...
about the childliness and spamming, if we saw some we would have reacted asap..
and about the promote/demote thing is cause this is a new guild and we still needed to get the beginner part of the guild efford

And IF i or coffeeh see some spam or childliness we will demote or in worst case kick the person from guild

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PostSubject: Re: bye   

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