The Holy Sacrement

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Arthur Empty
PostSubject: Arthur   Arthur EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:56 pm

ill add stuff onto this post as the days roll by.

this is in no order, some random shit will be thrown in cuz ill prolly update it when im rlly tired and ill end up chattin shit.
so yeh, u dnt gta read it but if uv got time have a lil read and tell me what u think Smile
fancy a bum?

im 18
extremely sarcastic
enjoys banter ALOT
just tries to enjoy myself in w/e i do
plays and ownz on runescape.
bums warriors with imba dps, for a fee
is easily amused by thick accents.
wants you in his room
plans to be pro pve becuz i cant do pvp for shit
is gna triple xp a priest healer/druid healer once i get sum munyz
prefers to play wow in a group than solo --- so if ur my lvl and wna quest or just need a hand with a quest drop me a line and ill see what i can do Smile <<< then we can e-date and touch
loves when he finds irl married couples on wow, sends a funny feeling just under my stomach and above my knees Twisted Evil
i like to play football irl
is very lazy
straight but enjoys making gay jokes
does alot of things for comedic effect (including being "mean" to ALOT of people) < they know im jokin, unless they dont know me in which case they chase me for a few miles with a rifle and a baseball bat
i enjoy talking like im rlly clever and using big words, rlly im just a moron who drinks too much afro

to be continued ...
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