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 Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament"

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PostSubject: Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament"   Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament" EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 1:25 am

Here comes a little about the guild rules and ranks, also for the forum.

In game guild rules:

Friendliness and kindness, go a long way, both inside and outside, the guild.
Don't abuse the guild chat and treat the fellow guildys with both respect and kindness
We will not tolerate racisme it leads to directly kick from the guild

Guild forum rules:

The forum is no place to rag down some other the rules are simple, respect eachother, and be friendly or you'll get kicked both from the guild and this forum.

In game guild ranks:

Private: Trial period
Constable: Accepted member
Corporal: Active, contributing member
Sergeant: Trusted, valued member
2nd Lieutenant: Highly, valued member
1st Lieutenant: Highly, valued veteran
Officer: Trusted, highly, valued veteran member
Major: GM/CoGM alts
General: Co-GM Gloriusflow
Overlord: GM Coffeeh

Guild forum ranks:

Private: 0 posts at forum
Constable: 1 posts at forum
Corporal: 10 posts at forum
Sergeant: 25 posts at forum
2nd Lieutenant: 50 posts at forum
1st Lieutenant: 100 posts at forum
Officer: 250 posts at forum
Major: 500 posts at forum
General: Special rank
Overlord: Special rank


Promotions will be at friday - sunday!

Demotions/ kick

Demotions will happen at everyday by bad behavior, or in worst case kicked from guild.. !
If youre offline more than 1 month youll get kicked but youre still welcome to join again when youre active again.
so if you know that youre offline to long then plz post at the vacation/ away topic so we know that we dont have to kick

Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament" Sig-1834369
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Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament"   Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament" EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 1:13 pm

So now you know how the ranks look like, but how do you get promoted? What do you do to be seen kindly in the eyes of the GMs? And dare you ask 'How can I become an officer?' We know these questions occupy your minds every single day from dawn to dusk. Fear not! For I have answers to all those questions and perhaps more. Lets begin shall we ^^

Private (The trial rank) - This rank deserves some explanation on its own. As you might have cleverly deduced this is a trial rank, but what does this mean? As soon as myself or Flo see that there is a shred of potential in you and that you could at least be a half decent member you will get promoted to 'Constable'. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, unfortunately it can take quite a while for us to see what kind of person/player you are, especially if you're not either very active or if you don't happen to be doing the same content as me or Flo.

There are no level requirements for any of the ranks, however it is very unlikely that members below 80 or non raiding members will receive a rank higher than Sergeant.

To become a Sergeant (or higher) you need to display a decent level of maturity both inside and outside the guild. That means you don't get into silly arguments and if you happen to find yourself in one you are able to either settle it, or simply leave it be. You also don't abuse the guild chat any other chat for that matter. I personally like seeing people helping the less experienced guildys. This does not mean boosting them in Stockades a hundred times. It's all about helping them to play their class better, helping out with talent points, macros, rotations etc. Apart from helping out the newbie it shows us that you know a fair bit about the game which is a highly desirable asset when you're being considered for a high rank.

Okay, fine, I'll get to the good bit now.

Lieutenants and Officers - These are the really high ranks and there are quite a few requirements for them.

- These ranks are reserved for those who show a high level of maturity. (I shouldn't need to explain this)
- You'll need to know your class (or at least the spec you play) very well
- You'll need to be a regular raider, show up to raids on time and know the boss tactics very well
- You'll need to contribute to the site by posting useful information (every now and then)

This post is not yet complete will be edited soon
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Welcome to "The Holy Sacrament"
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